Feb 2, 2016

interloft.com 2016

New year, new website, right?  It took a couple weeks more than expected, but we are really happy to announce that Interloft's new website is live now. Please visit it, we hope you find it useful.  We worked really hard to design a visual, user-friendly platform that communicates what Interloft can do to help companies provide impactful experiences to their clients.

In this blog,we will regularly post news and articles that explore our area of expertise. That is, the product design and development process, how to create impactful products for your clients, and interesting anecdotes on the journey an idea can take before it is wrapped and packed and ready for shipping!

We are always seeking to spark conversations that can go beyond our area of influence.

Interloft LLC is dedicated to providing product design, development and manufacturing solutions that are commercially successful and tailored to our client's business strategy. You can find out more at interloft.com. We are located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, in California, USA.

Thank you for stopping by, happy reading!